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2-5 Yorktown to Perform Ginny Mohler’s The Girls Who Glow


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For Immediate Release:
Feb. 5, 2016
For more information, contact the Dept. of School and Community Relations at 703-228-6004 www.apsva.us
 Yorktown to Perform Ginny Mohler’s The Girls Who Glow
Playwright to take part in Q&A
Yorktown High School presents The Girls Who Glow, a one-act play adapted from Ginny Mohler’s film script* about the “Radium Girls” – teenage factory workers who were slowly poisoned while painting glow-in-the dark watches in the 1920’s. The performance will take place on Thu, Feb. 11 at 7 p.m. at Yorktown High School.

The script combines her passion for untold history, education, and Carol Cadby's theater program at Yorktown High School, which was an integral part of her artistic education. Mohler has been working closely with Cadby and her Theatre IV class at Yorktown on the development and production of The Girls Who Glow.

Mohler will also take part in a question and answer session following the performance. The evening is free and open to the public and co-sponsored by the League of Women Voters-Arlington and American Association of University Women-Arlington

Playwright Summary of Play:
It’s 1925. A mysterious illness propels teenage factory workers into a radical coming of age. The dying girls battle a corrupt system, seeking redress against the company that exposed them to toxic glow-in-the-dark paint for the sake of profits. Will they die penniless and forgotten or will justice be served?

Playwright Statement: The Girls Who Glow is based on a historical tragedy most people have never heard of: the 1920s teenage factory workers who were slowly poisoned while painting glow-in-the-dark watches. The media colored their plight as the tragic cost of scientific progress – saying the company could not have known the dangers, even though they did. What really happened was that a group of dying young women became a threat to an industry that leveraged its power to quash them. With overwhelming scientific evidence on their side, the “Radium Girls” asked the company to admit the danger of radium and pay for their bankrupting medical fees. The company refused. Most of the sick girls took what money they could in exchange for legally binding silence, but six women sued, and the public cried out for justice for the Radium Girls. The odds no longer in their favor, the company ended the proceedings, offering a larger sum for the girls’ silence, which the Radium Girls accepted. This was no victory. I want people to know the Radium Girls’ story, to stare the injustice in the face as they did, and feel the outrage, grief and the stakes of their fight, and to carry it forward as the girls would have, had they lived.

*The original screenplay was written in conjunction with Brittany Shaw

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