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What to Read Next!

Our library has an extensive collection of fiction books in addition to materials for research.  We also have a very healthy graphic novel collection and the "Actors' Bookshelf" and Judy Mayeux special collections.  H-B's librarians, past and present, guide you towards these lists:

A favorite site for book recommendations:  http://www.yournextread.com/us/#
New York Public Library Site:  Stuff for the Teen Age.  Check it out!
Another fun site for book reviews, recommendations, movie tie-ins and author gossip is:
Diversity is important.  See the world through different lenses:  http://diversityinya.tumblr.com/
Want to know "what comes next" in a series?  Use one of these links:
Kent District Library -- a searchable database by author, series title, and more
Mid-Continent Public Library -- scroll through an alphabetical list of *hundreds* of series by series name

Don't you hate it when there is a huge gap in a series?  Check out this site:  http://recaptains.blogspot.com/, designed to refresh your memory between that "last" book, published years ago and that "newest" book.
Want best books?  Try:
New York Times Best Seller Lists
The Children's Literature Web Guide

And don't forget to check out our TAB page and the Public Library Teen site, TATAL Online, with top titles chosen by teen readers.

What has our Supervisor of Libraries been reading?  Check out Theresa Flynn's blog -- hundreds of reviews and still counting.

Purchase priorities change each year, but we always include the recommendations of students and staff, and these often take priority in ordering.  Want to help us build the collection?  See our wishlist at Amazon.com for titles we would like to include.   Thanks!
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