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  To access our other databases, follow the instructions below.

  • I-Pad users:  open the MackinVia App.  Put "H B Woodlawn" into the field for "school." Enter using your "one login." Use the "three lines menu" in upper left hand corner to display the databases alphabetically.  

  • Laptop users:  Best to use Mozilla Firefox or Safari as your browser.  

    • Go to the "Access APS one login" screen and click on the link to MackinVia. Input as your school name: "H B Woodlawn Secondary Program" and then your ID# (lunch number) and password used for the "one login."  Notice you must use H-SPACE-B-SPACE Woodlawn.  
    • Databases are linked on the left menu and will be listed in alphabetical order. They may require that you click to a second page to see the end of the list.
    • Chrome users might need to "clear their cache/history" and start over if Gale prompts for a password.  Chrome users of MacBooks also experience issues due to tech issues with Java that cannot be fixed until the next re-imaging of their computers (in Spring, 2016.)   Switch to Mozilla Firefox; it will likely work.
    • Please contact the librarian if this access does not work. Send a screenshot of your problem to Margaret.Carpenter@apsva.us for trouble-shooting.

  • Access NoodleTools      Set up your account with Maggie, your librarian.  UN example:  2018Fred.Smith  Forgot your password? Use the built-in prompter at Noodletools.  Visit the librarian to re-set your password.

Why use databases instead of searching the wide open internet?  Using our library's databases speeds your research.  Their articles, books, images, timelines, etc. have already been curated, edited and organized by scholarly professionals.  Inside those expensive, information "gold mines," students can spend less time worrying about whether they are credible or not... and get straight to their findings.  Students who get in the habit of consulting databases before conducting wide open internet searches get their projects done faster and at a much higher level of achievement (for most topics of research. Exceptions might be topics related to current events, the entertainment industry, and emerging technology.)

Arlington Public Library has additional popular databases at their "Research Portal" link.  A library card with pin number is required. 
H-B's students love:

Full list of APL's databases (scroll down through categories.)

Last Modified on March 31, 2016