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Monday, April 24, 2017

Title I

 Read Across America

Read Across America, March 2, 2016
Our RIF book distribution was held as part of Read Across America at Randolph Elementary!   The day began with a special visit from the round and red Clifford!   Clifford greeted students and families with a wave, hug, and a dance. We also had Things 1 and 2, several "Cat in the Hat" cats, and even an appearance of "Dr. Seuss" himself! 

 Posters and displays festooned the main hallway, in addition to stars, ribbons, and a grand balloon arch. At the library, posters of various Seuss characters decorated the door.   Small stuffed animals of Seuss characters adorned each table filled with a healthy selection of titles from RIF.   And no one could miss the poster of a giant-sized Cat in the Hat,  who poised himself to watch the distribution event.

 Guest readers from the local community, the military, and from within our school visited classrooms throughout the day to share a story and their love of reading.   Each student visited the library to select a free book from RIF.   Our younger students prized books about Pete and Cat and Max and Ruby.   The older set went for graphic novels, nonfiction titles, and fantasy.   

 Our RIF book distribution supports students to continue to love books and reading. Thank you to RIF of NOVA for providing the books for our Read Across America celebration.       

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