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Sunday, April 30, 2017
Implementation of iPads at Abingdon
Technology creates engaging, relevant, and personalized learning experiences for all students regardless of background, language, or disabilities. At Abingdon, we will be deploying a personalized iPad to each student in grades 2, 3, and 5 for instruction use.  We have been using technology to support student learning for many years, and many of our teachers have already introduced or implemented new instructional strategies using digital devices. Our 2nd and 5th grade teachers are veterans at using the 1:1 devices in their classrooms and can’t wait to get started with this new group of students.  In preparation for our iPad deployment, our 2nd, 3rd and 5th grade teachers have been trained and will continue to receive professional development to help strengthen their ability to use these personalized devices to support students and enhance instruction in the classroom. Please visit the Digital Learning Website for answers to frequently asked questions and ongoing project updates.
Abingdon iPads  
This year, your child will be issued a school iPad and iPad case to support and enhance their learning experience. iPads will be used throughout the school day and your child will be expected to take it back and forth between school and home each day. The iPads will be collected at the end of the year.

Based on the iPad Initiative in Arlington County over the last two years, we have discovered that that iPad provides new and powerful learning opportunities for students. For instance, flipped video lessons created by the teacher allows students to re-watch a lesson and practice a strategy before coming to class. There are also a multitude of new ways for students to respond to their reading, such as digital community boards and blogs. Please look at the parent handbook that has been sent home to learn more about what your child might do in the classroom and how you can support your child’s use of the iPad at home.
 Why iPads          You Can Help
Just like notebooks or textbooks, the iPad is an important learning tool. Each child is expected to take great care of his or her assigned iPad. We have gone over this with your child in class.

In addition, we require student and parents to sign a more detailed contract that highlights the specific iPad expectations we have at Abingdon.  Here is a copy of the student and parent "iPad Contract".  Click here to see the Acceptable Use Policy that is used by Arlington Public Schools.  There will be consequences for misuse of the iPads.
Abingdon's "iPad Contract" for Students and Families

The assigned device is part of the APS Personalized Learning Initiative and is dedicated to student learning.  Students and families should understand the following expectations regarding the iPad 1:1 initiative.

STUDENT Agreement:
ο    I will take care of my iPad, keep it in its case, and carry it safely.
ο    I will charge my iPad every night and bring it to school every morning.
ο    I will let my teacher know when I do not have my iPad at school (ex: I left it at home, I lost it).
ο    I will not change the settings on the iPad without permission from my teacher.
ο    I will not install Apps to the iPad without permission from my teachers.
ο    I will be safe when using this technology (ex: keep my information private, only communicate with people I know).
ο    I will not search for images or websites that are inappropriate and will let teachers know if I see any.
ο    I will not use Airdrop without permission from my teachers.
ο    I will not login to an account using someone else’s information.
ο    I will not bully through the iPad.
ο    I will not use my iPad to contact or share information with other students past 8:00 pm.
ο    I agree to random “iPad Checks” by my teachers.
ο    I agree to follow the APS Network and Computer Acceptable Use Agreement as presented to me in class by my teacher.

ο    I/we understand that the use of the device means that the student agrees to follow the APS Network and Computer Acceptable Use Agreement (if you are not able to access the URL, but would like to read the complete terms, we will provide you with a copy).
ο    I/we understand that the use of the iPad at home beyond assigned schoolwork should follow my family’s appropriate rules on Internet and digital resources access.
ο    APS Internet filtering does not always work at home, therefore parental supervision is required.
ο    If I/we use this device, I/we will follow the student expectations listed above and they will not login to any accounts (ie. Facebook, email, iCloud) as this is the student’s device, not mine/ours.
Homework / Wi-Fi

  1. Homework will most likely look different for your child this year.
  2. At the beginning of the year, the iPad homework might be to simply charge your device at home and bring it back to school in the morning fully charged.  Please remember that the use of the iPad at home beyond assigned schoolwork should follow your family’s rules on Internet and digital resources access.
  3. As the year progresses, you may begin to see more digital homework that will require the use of the iPad. 
  4. Students might watch video lessons, type on the iPad, or record math videos.
  5. Daily and weekly homework assignments will be send home with your child and will indicate whether or not these are iPad activities.  If you are not sure, please e-mail the teacher.
  6. In some cases, homework may require internet (Wi-Fi) at home. However . . .
  7. If you do not have internet access at home:
    • Refer to page 9 in this parent handbook for FREE internet access locations.
    • Students can download/upload their homework at the beginning and end of each school day. The library will be available in the morning at 7:35, and teachers will allow time at the end of the day.
    • The county is also piloting a program to get “HotSpots” to students that need Internet access at home.  Please sign the form that will be sent home soon if you are interested in this option.
  8. It is important for your child to complete homework on time.
  9. All students will be using Schoology this year to communicate with their teachers and pass assignments back and forth.  Schoology is an online classroom.  Once the classrooms are set up, we will send home a set of directions for you to join the classrooms on your own devices (phone, tablet, computer).  This way, you can keep up-to-date with what your student is doing in their digital environment.
  10. If you are concerned with the homework that you see your child working on, please alert the teacher or tech team.

Wi-Fi Filter
APS is working hard to keep our kids safe.  The APS Wi-Fi system has a filter built into it in order to block adult content, YouTube, and social media from the internet browsers in APS schools and buildings. 

This same filter may or may not work on your child’s device when they are not in an APS building.  As your child connects to their local Wi-Fi, their signal should be redirected to the APS filter, and then back to their local Wi-Fi.  This is great news!  But be aware that this might not always work.  So as a parent, you will want to keep an eye on what your child is doing with their device outside of school.
Students will not be allowed to download any apps, books, or music on their own.  All content will be sent to them through the Mobile Device Management System (MDM) that we manage.

As a reminder, you do not have to have Wi-Fi access at home in order for your child to be successful with their digital learning.  Teachers are allowing time in the afternoon for students to download their homework onto their devices.  They will also be given time in the morning to upload any completed assignments.  The county is also piloting a program to get HotSpots to students who need internet access at home.  Please sign the form that will be sent home soon if you are interested in this option.

iPad App Catalogue
The apps on your child’s iPad have been carefully selected as appropriate learning tools. The students will not be allowed to download any apps on their own, and ALL apps will be downloaded through the county provided App Catalog, not the App Store. We will teach your child about Apple IDs, passwords, and how to use each app appropriately.  Below are descriptions of some of the main apps your child will be using.  If you are concerned with an app that you see your child working on, please alert the teacher or tech team.

Common Abingdon Questions

What is the school doing to prepare my child for the iPad?

Every class at Abingdon Elementary is participating in age approbate digital citizenship lessons from Common Sense Media.  If you would like further information to reinforce these lessons at home, please visit the Common Sense for Educators Website.  Students are also participating in lessons and activities to introduce them to the iPads and learn basic iPad functioning skills. Teachers are providing students with direct instruction on how to use apps before students are expected to do work on their own.  

How can I be sure my child is safe while using the iPad?

All apps are controlled using a management system monitored by the teacher and/or ITC. Every app available on the student iPad is for an education purpose. Students will learn about internet safety, cyber-bullying, and messaging etiquette in class. It is our goal to educate students on how to use the Internet and mobile devices in appropriate ways.  The Internet is strongly filtered at school and students have signed a contract pledging not download apps from the Apps Store or to use the iPad in inappropriate ways.

Can they download games?

Any games already downloaded on the iPad were carefully selected by the school. They are downloaded by the ITC or teacher. These games teach students problem solving skills and/or reinforce academic skills.  Students will not be allowed to download any apps or games on their own from the App Store.

Screen Time

All Abingdon students participate in a variety of activities throughout the day including tableaus, art expressions, writing on paper, group activities, using manipulatives, Readers Workshop with paper books, class discussions, and technology rich lessons.  Just as your teacher works to balance these activities at school, please consider making a schedule for balanced screen time at your home.

Can other people use the iPad?

The iPad is specifically purchased and assigned to your child for the sole purpose of supporting his or her education. It is highly recommended that this iPad is only used by the student and is used only for academic purposes.

Are they allowed to email, text message and Facetime?

Email, iMessage and Facetime are not available for the students.  Our school will be using a secure Learning Management System called Schoology to manage classroom communication.  Students can send completed work, screenshots, and questions to the teacher through the Schoology message feature.This will also allow teachers to provide support to each student. Students can not private message other classmates in this program.  Rather, they will use a class newsfeed that is monitored by the teacher to work with peers. This program is only used for schoolwork. All other communication is not allowed and will be monitored.

What happens if my child loses the iPad?

If the iPad is missing, we will be able to use our management system to locate the iPad in the school and outside of school. Please let us know as soon as possible if the iPad cannot be found.  Here is the APS policy on Missing, Lost or Stolen iPads.

Will they need the iPad for homework?

Homework will frequently be completed on the iPads depending on your child’s teacher and grade level. Your child might be asked to do things such as watch a video lesson, record a video, complete an assignment on the iPad, or even jot on the iPad while reading an assigned text. Please take a moment each day to look over your child’s shoulders to see how they are using the iPad at home to help them learn.