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Sunday, April 23, 2017
The Fifth Grade Team
gd five  
 Left to right: Ms. Schy; Ms. Welsh; Ms. Vanderhoof; Ms. Umila; Ms. Phipps
Ms. Isaza, ESOL
Fifth Grade Theme:  Systems
Language Arts
Social Studies
1st Quarter

Conflict & Resolution

Using Story Structure

Character Motives

Unit 1, Addition and
Subtraction of large numbers
Unit 3, Multiplication and Division
Scientific Method, Organisms and Cells
Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome
2nd Quarter


Asking Questions
Unit 4, Fractions, Unit 5,
Circles/3D Geometry Unit 6
Earth’s Surface, Rocks
Old and New Stone Ages, The Fertile Crescent
3rd Quarter
Make Inferences
Story Structure
Main Idea & Details
Unit 6 Fractions, Percents, & Decimals
 Unit 7, Multiplication & Division 
Oceans, Sound, Light
Early Egypt, Early China
4th Quarter
Matter, 4th Grade Science Review
Mesoamerica, Early Middle Ages

Robust Vocabulary

Theme One  

1)   Rope Burn:  humiliation, expectations, fringes, hesitating, sincere, coaxed
2)  Line Drive:  maven, mortified, reigned, conceited, designated, smirk, exhilarated
3)  Chang and the Bamboo Flute:  pried, desperately, sneered, indignantly, urgently, grudgingly
4)  The Daring Nellie Bly:  relented, faze, eccentric, infuriated, disheartened, impassable, crusaded   5)  It Takes Talent:  genial, prognostication, stricken, dramatically, restrain, protest, feverishly, overcome, flop, spectacular


Theme Four                       
16)  The School Story:  tempted, insights, essence, indication, proposed, instinct, baffled
17)  Nothing Ever Happens on 90th Street:  hiatus, embarked, unimaginable, extravagant, gourmet, throng, precarious
18)  Project Mulberry:  compartments, swayed, phobia, invasion, vetoed, wispy
19)  Inventing the Future:  tendency, feat, irrepressible, prestigious, device, industry
20)  Invention Convention:  scours, appropriate, practical, portable, circulate, protrude, boisterous, deduction, fickle, measly

Theme Two
6)  The Night of San Juanwistful, grateful, grim, raspy, swarmed, revelers, irresistible
7)  When the Circus Came to Town:  fret, assured, nudged, outlandish, ruckus, proclaimed
8)  When Washington Crossed the Delaware:  crucial, crisis, maneuvered, perseverance, encountered, persuading, appealed, destiny
9)  Leonardo's Horse:  scholars, specialized, gesture, envisioned, proportion, resisted
10)  The Secret Ingredient:  eminent, charity, modest, disgruntled, inadequate, aghast, dismayed, amends, absentminded, concoction

Theme Five

21)  Interrupted Journey: Saving Endangered Sea Turtles:  basking, sleek, vital, damage, analyzing, detect
22The Power of W.O.W!:  somberly, stammers, monopolize, deflated, enraptured, enterprising, cumbersome
23)  Any Small Goodness:  gouges, desolate, bustles, fervor, immaculate, assuage
24)  Chester Cricket's Pigeon Ride:  excursions, giddy, pinnacle, gleeful, panic, turbulent, precious
25)  The Compassion Campaign: loathe, altruism, bland, mentor, sensibility, advocacy, dilapidated, mistreated, coordination, compassionate
 Theme Three
11)  Sailing Home: A Story of a Childhood at Sea:  inflammable, dignified, rowdy, seldom, conducted, shatter, broached
12)  Ultimate Field Trip 3: Wading Into Marine Biology:  adjust, residents, specimens, recoil, pesky, debris, internal
13)  Stormalong:  bellowing, outcast, reputation, betrayed, yearning, withered,  escapades, unfathomable
14)  A Drop of Water:  elongates, elastic, rigid, accumulate, underlying, intricate, vanish, replenishing
15)  How Prairie Became Ocean:  recount, uninhabitable, sustain, monotonous,  endeavor, dwell, brimming, teeming, parched, sorrowful
Theme Six
26) Lewis and Clark:  asset, esteem, intently, profusely, ordeal, terrain, dismal,    peril
27)  Klondike Kate:  remote, grueling, isolated, laden, appalled, invest, floundered
28)  The Top of the World: Climbing Mt. Everest:  summit, accustomed, secure, essential, streamlined, acclimate
29)  The Man Who Went to the Far Side of the Moon:  ignited, squinting, jettisoned, tranquility, cramped, potentially
30)  Exploring the Gulf Coast:  poised, earnestly, insufficient, exceptional, achievement, bickering, equivalent, regal, customary, provoke

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