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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Odyssey of the Mind

Odyssey of the Mind is an organization founded with the purpose of giving students an opportunity to solve long-term and spontaneous problems which highlight their creativity and teamwork skills. The Odyssey of the Mind teaches students to learn creative problem-solving methods while having fun in the process. For more than twenty five years, this unique program has helped teachers generate excitement in their students. For more information about Odyssey of the Mind, check out their website.
One of our teams worked on the problem entitled, "Art-chitecture: The Musical." Od Team They created a replica of the Kinkakuji temple in Japan around which their musical was structured. Their performance included a statue that transformed into a living character, three rapping Ninjas, and a life lesson for all.  The team consisted of 7 members, all 4th and 5 graders from Campbell. Their coaches were Patty Healy and Steve Reing.  
team 2 The second team took on the challenging vehicle problem, Pet Project, in which they were required to create three vehicles which would transport parts of a pet to a drop-off area where the pet would be assembled and perform a trick. The team actually created five different vehicles, but chose the three most effective to use during the tournament, including one powered by a potato battery! Their show had a Mario Brothers game show theme complete with an elegant game show host and three contestants with unique personalities. The team consisted of six members, all 2nd through 5th graders from Campbell. Their coaches were Peter Eisen and Kathleen Pons-Haines. 
The last team that was formed this year was our Primary team with the help of Laura team 3 Ferguson who offered to coach beginning in January. Although they got a late start at practicing, they decided on a solution to their problem, Top-Seacret Discoveries, and had it ready to present at the beginning of March. They spent their practices, learning about various sea animals to choose their characters, thinking about their story, making their costumes and sets, and practicing until it ran smoothly. Their hula-dancing sea animals created the waves to the amazement of the crew in the submarine, which included the captain, Tommy, and McKenzie. The team consisted of six members, all Kindergarten through 2nd graders at Campbell.
All three teams performed along with close to 180 other teams from the surrounding areas of Arlington, Falls Church, Alexandria, and part of Fairfax. Next year, we will endeavor to continue this tradition at Campbell.  If you want more information about Odyssey of the Mind, or if you wish to learn about next year’s long term problems as soon as they come out, please visit: http://www.odysseyofthemind.com/.
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