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Mission Statement
Our mission is to develop life long learners who are curious, caring, reflective and literate members of our community.


Vision Statement:


The goal for each learner is active, productive participation in school and society.  Each learner should acquire the fundamental tools to make intelligent decisions throughout life.  To provide our students with the skills and tools to become lifelong learners we use Leonardo da Vinci as our intellectual role model and provide continuous learning experiences responsive to students’ interests, needs and talents.
Barcroft is dedicated to:
  • Encouraging curiosity, creativity, inquiry and reflection by focusing on Leonardo da Vinci’s lifelong approach to learning,
  • Developing and adhering to the process of investigation and exploration through the da Vinci project,
  • Promoting inclusion and diversity within the classrooms which reflect the global community,
  • Integrating curriculum across disciplines,
  • Implementing a modified school year calendar to provide continuous learning experiences responsive to students’ needs,
  • Providing enrichment and extension through Intersession and after-school programs,
  • Promoting parental involvement through the Parent Teacher Association, the Virginia Preschool Initiative, and Parent Expectations on Student Achievement,
  • Creating a cooperative and collaborative learning environment that supports risk taking, and
    Continuously assessing learning to inform instructional decisions.
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