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da Vinci Project

The da Vinci Project  


The da Vinci Project, unique to Barcroft, is a school-wide, staff-written curriculum designed using the principles of Understanding by Design.  At each grade level, essential questions and endurindavincig understandings provide the framework of the unit. The six-eight week units are interdisciplinary and address Virginia Standards of Learning.


The units are delivered by classroom teachers and specialists.  They include all-school enrichment in studio art and writing facilitated by the art teacher and a writing specialist. Each grade-level unit culminates with a da Vinci fair, where students display and demonstrate their learning with a variety of products.


 Barcroft School's exemplary project is named after Leonardo da Vinci because of his habits of mind:  curiosity about the world, creativity, plus his interest and skill in the arts, science, history, and literature. No couch potato was he!

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