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The math program at Abingdon supports students in developing strong mathematical skills with understanding, problem-solving strategies, and communication skills.  K-5 teachers are using the newly-adopted curriculum materials from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Math Expressions.  Abingdon’s Math Coach plans with teachers, co-teaches in their classrooms, and works with students toward the goal of deep understanding of mathematics content and computational fluency.  Teachers and students use a variety of math strategies and materials toward meeting that goal.

 Additional information and resources :  

Abingdon's MATH Links – collection of links to practice and exploration activities for grades PK-5+
APS Mathematics Office – information about the APS math program, copies of the summer math reviews, and other resources for parents
APS Blackboard select For Students --> Math to view your student's Math Expressions textbook and other resources; log in with your student's ID number and birthdate (mm/dd/yy)
Virginia Department of Education – learn more about the Virginia's Standards of Learning for mathematics

Math Links 
The sites below provide engaging and valuable practice with a variety of math skills and concepts for preK-5 students.  (Note: many sites will not work on an iPad.)

  1. 3x3 Links  (K-5)  speed dial to some of our most used links
  2. 5 Frame Activity   (K/1)
  3. 10 Frame Activity  (K-2)
  4. AAA Math  (K-5) tutorials with online practice for a large variety of concepts and skills
  5. ABCya  (K-5) a variety of skill and logic activities  
  6. Apples 4 the Teacher  a variety of preschool and elementary math activities
  7. Arcademic Skill Builders  (gr. 1-5)
  8. Arithmetic Four  (gr. 1-5)
  9. Concentration (K/1)
  10. CoolMath for Kids  (K/5+) a variety of skill and logic activities  
  11. Crick Web Early Years  (PreK-1);  Key Stage 1 (K-3);  Key Stage 2 (gr. 2-5); and Numeracy Links
  12. Decimal Squares Interactive Games (gr. 3-5)
  13. Digit Work-Out  (gr. 1-5)
  14. Fastt Math (school access only) - link to Fastt Math and Fastt Math Next Generation (username/password required)
  15. Fastt Math Stretch-To-Go - math practice games for students enrolled in Fastt Math (username/password required)
  16. Fact Monster (gr. 1-5)
  17. Fraction Flags: Halves  (K-4)
  18. Glencoe Virtual Manipulatives (K-5)
  19. ICT Games
  20. iTools Primary  (K-3) variety of virtual math manipulatives 
  21. iTools Intermediate  (gr 3-5) variety of virtual math manipulatives 
  22. Math Dice Online  (gr. 3-7)  improve computation skills by playing MathDice online 
  23. Make Five   (gr. 1-5) basic addition, subtraction, and multiplication fact practice
  24. Math Learning Center (K-5) free iPad and web-based apps 
  25. Math Lines  (gr. 1-2) addition combinations, sums to 15
  26. Math-Play  (gr. 1-5) variety of skill games 
  27. Math Playground  (K-5) online manipulatives  and Math Playground  (gr. 1- middle school) challenging math games 
  28. Maths Zone   (K-5)  links to a large variety of activities organized by content and/or skill
  29. Mathsframe Interactive Resources  (K/5+) choose a category for an excellent selection of free games and activities 
  30. Mega Math  (K-5) practice activities for a variety of skills and concepts; click here to see a list.  
  31. Multiplication.com  (gr. 3-5)
  32. Multiplication Table Applet   (gr. 3-5)
  33. NCTM Illuminations  (K-6)
  34. National Library of Virtual Manipulatives  (Pre-K–12) LARGE library of online activities using lots of different materials
  35. NZ Maths Learning Objects - (K-5) online activities from New Zealand Maths
  36. Oswego Interactive Math Games  (gr. 3-5)
  37. Sheppard Online Math Games  (K-5)
  38. Splat Square 1-100  (K-3) interactive 100 grid; and
  39. Splat Square Reveal 1-100   (K-3) blank interactive 100 grid 
  40. TES iBoard (K-5) LARGE selection of short activities for all strands
  41. Topmarks - (K-5) interactive resources for many math topics 
  42. Venn Diagrams - Shape Sorter  (K-4)
  43. Visual Fractions – (gr. 2-5) identify, compare, add, subtract, multiply, and divide fractions
  44. What's My Angle?  (gr. 5) online protractor and angle activities 
Math SOL practice sites for grades 3-5 - released tests, online quizzes, and other information
  • Technology Enhanced Items - a video demonstration
  • Technology Enhanced Questions - practice questions
  • thatquiz
  • Virginia Dept. of Education - practice questions and other information

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