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Email Communications

APS School Talk
Parents are automatically enrolled in APS School Talk when they fill out their First Day Forms and provide the school with their email address. This is the primary way that the school and APS communicates with parents and the community.
“Wakefield_Booster_PTA” is the main listserv used for communication from the PTA and Boosters to parents regarding PTA, Booster, Sport schedules, College Planning, Volunteer Requests and other events at the school.
Post message: Wakefield_Booster_PTA@yahoogroups.com (save this as a contact)
“WakefieldSportsChat” is the listserv used by some sports teams for communication during their season. In the subject line on messages, start with the sport team (ex. SWIM) before typing the subject. Parents, students and coaches can use this listserv to discuss team meals, volunteer needs, practice change times, etc...
Post message: WakefieldSportsChat@yahoogroups.com (save this as a contact)
“WakefieldBoosters” is the email listserv available for use by the Boosters to discuss meeting times, agenda items, concessions planning, spirit wear design discussions, etc. Those interested in become an active participant in Boosters should subscribe to this listserv.
Post message: WakefieldBoosters@yahoogroups.com (save this as a contact)

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