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The Wakefield Foundation
The non-profit Wakefield High School Education Foundation was founded in 1986. To date it has given $1,098,169 in scholarships and teacher grants to a total of 219 Wakefield scholars. All of the work of the Foundation is done by volunteers. Traditionally 100% of all the funds raised each year is given. The funds come from all over the world in small and large amounts. The donors are Wakefield alumni, staff and friends.
One part of the Foundation is the Alumni Committee, which works to: Connect alumni, staff, and friends of Wakefield to the school and each other; Preserve the history of Wakefield; Maintain contact information on staff, alumni, and friends; Assist classes with events; Create and support social opportunities for alumni; Establish and perpetuate the Wakefield Hall of Fame; and Support the Wakefield Education Foundation.  For more Alumni news, visit wakefieldalumni.org.
Looking for information about individual classes - visit www.wakefieldalumni.org/classes.html
Wakefield Hall of Fame
The Hall of Fame was established as part of the 50th Anniversary Celebration in November 2003.  The purpose of the Hall of Fame is to bring acclaim to Wakefield High School. The intent of the Hall of Fame is to recognize those alumni and staff who have made significant contributions to society and who have brought acclaim or recognition to Wakefield. Those selected for the Hall of Fame should have a widespread reputation, at least in their peer group. The renown of the Hall of Fame member will be associated with, and therefore a reflection on, Wakefield High School. They should also serve as both a model and a source of pride to current students. To view our Hall of Fame visit www.wakefieldalumni.org/hof.html   
Inductions are made in odd numbered years. Nomination Forms can be found at http://www.wakefieldalumni.org/forms.html.
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