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Arlington, VA 22207
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Monday, May 01, 2017

Support Staff

Specialists and Support Staff

Media Center Staff
Library Media Specialist Diane Tan diane.tan@apsva.us
Library Media Specialist Sherry Lord sherry.lord@apsva.us
Library Media Assistant Stephanie Scott stephanie.scott@apsva.us


Check-In Supervisor Kia Martin kia.martin@apsva.us
Gifted and Talented Resource Teacher Celia Barnett celia.barnett@apsva.us
Instruct. Tech. Coordinator (ITC) Hae-Lee Solomon haelee.solomon@apsva.us
Math Specialist
Heather Willis
Minority Achievement Coordinator Dante Hicks dante.hicks@apsva.us
Occupational Therapist Sandra Stoppel sandra.stoppel@apsva.us
Psychologist Marjory Franklin marjory.franklin@apsva.us
Reading Specialist Elisha Han elisha.han@apsva.us
Social Worker Mary Dolby-McDonald mary.dolbymcdonald@apsva.us
Special Education Coordinator Yvette Bullock yvette.bullock@apsva.us
Speech Therapist Cheree David cheree.david@apsva.us
Testing Coordinator
Dante Hicks

Instructional Assistants

Instructional Assistant 
Lynette Proctor
Instructional Assistant  Dwayne Eason dwayne.eason@apsva.us 
Instructional Assistant Christiana Kargbo christiana.kargbo@apsva.us
Instructional Assistant Deborah Powelldeborah.powell@apsva.us 
Instructional Assistant Sharla Rider sharla.rider@apsva.us 
Resource Assistant /ISAP
Juan Pablo Quinterosjuanpablo.quinteros@apsva.us

Facilities Staff

Head Custodian  
Tek Chea
Custodial Staff   Olga Rivera • Zoila Flores • Savoeuth Kong Anna Gomez • Comfort Nimoh 
Cafeteria Manager
Hannah Oukib

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