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Grocery Receipts

Let Your Groceries Earn Money & Equipment for Swanson

Please take time to register your grocery shopping cards with Swanson’s account. It’s easy, and it helps Swanson earn rebates of money and equipment. If you registered last year, remember you must sign-up every school year. Just click on the links below.

GiantA+ BonusBucks Swanson Code: 02212

Club Card for Education powered by eScrip: 6632563
http://www.escrip.com Click on the "Sign Up" tab.
To renew your registration ONLY, go to www.escrip.com and click "Renew" or call 877.723.3929.
Harris Teeter
Together in Education School Code: 3829

If you have any questions about the grocery programs, contact Anne Doll at anne.doll@verizon.net .
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