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Anime & Manga Club
Sponsor: Mr. Dolan
This club discusses and draws Japanese Anime (cartoons) and Manga (comic books).
Boyz II Men
Sponsor: Mr. Berman
Doctor Who Club
Sponsor: Ms. Gil

Science in the Kitchen
Sponsor: Ms. Taylor

Science in the Kitchen club meets after school on the 3rdThursday of each month to connect the principles of science to different foods and kitchen ingredients. The club focuses on making hypotheses about why we think certain things happen. We explore the science behind it and then we see if we were right. 

Harry Potter Club
Sponsor: Ms. Affleck
Sponsor:  Mr. Clements, Mr. Kniseley
Intramural Sports are an outgrowth of Swanson's physical education program. The major purpose of this program is to provide students with lifetime sports activities. Boys and girls are encouraged to participate in the following activities: soccer, volleyball, softball, basketball, field hockey, and badminton. The Intramural Program is an activity that meets from 2:30-3:30 p.m. on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. The program switches sports every two to four weeks. 
Jazz Ensemble
Sponsor:  Mr. Norris
The Jazz Ensemble is limited to those students who are selected by audition. This small group performs at all band concerts, several competitions, and makes various appearances throughout the Arlington community.
LYLAS (Latina Youth Leading at Swanson)
Sponsors: Ms. Carpenter, Ms. Reardon
Latinas Leading Tomorrow is a leadership development program created to promote students to discover a world of educational and leadership opportunities, including college. LLT helps students recognize their own leadership capacities and their potential impact on the Latino community and beyond.
Literary Magazine
Sponsors: Ms. McFarlane
The literary magazine, Wavelength, is created by a committee of 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students interested in writing, art, design, and layout. The committee meets regularly throughout the school year to review submitted work and make design choices and artwork for this publication, which is made available school-wide.
Sponsor: Ms. Partridge
MATHCOUNTS is a national math enrichment, coaching & competition program that promotes middle school mathematics achievement in every U.S. state & territory. Basically it's a club for students who enjoy working on math problems - you do not have to be an expert at math - you just need to enjoy it and want to challenge yourself. The students meet after school about twice a week from November until February. Students are not required to attend every practice - it's come as you can.
Minecraft Club
Sponsor: TBA
Pep Band
Sponsor:  Mr. Norris
The Pep Band/Marching Band helps boost school spirit. They perform in parades throughout the school year. It is open to all students and no audition is required.

7th Grade Science Club
Sponsors: Ms. Savage, Ms. Neuhaus-Palmer
The Science Club is a science research group open to all 7th graders. The club is designed to support students doing independent research projects for entry into the Swanson Fair and the Virginia Junior Academy of Science (VJAS).
Swanson Dance Crew
What's Ballroom and What Can It Do For Me?
Formal social dancing in couples, popular as a recreation and also as a competitive activity. The ballroom dance repertoire includes dances developed from old European folk dances such as the waltz, Latin American dances such as the tango, rumba, and cha-cha, and dances of 20th-century origin such as the foxtrot and quickstep. Ballroom dancing is a great way to learn teamwork, develop social poise and grace. It also helps youth interact positively with the opposite gender as they dance together. For many, it’s an outlet; an opportunity to be creative and express one’s self. It is also a great way to exercise; not only the body, but the mind. A lot of what you learn in Ballroom dancing can easily be transferred to other aspects of life. It has a tremendous impact on academics, mental health and one’s social life. It’s a great way to spur motivation, confidence and decrease stress. We also learn and appreciate other cultures by dancing to various music from around the world.
Teen Advisory Board (TAB)
Sponsors: Ms. Hailey, Ms. Metz
Teen Advisory Board (TAB) is a book club where students read and review new books from the public library. The students read at least one book per month and then give their opinions and ideas to the library staff. TAB students make recommendations to the Swanson Best Books list and have occasional field trips and author visits.

Technology Student Association (TSA)

 Sponsor: Mr. Demarino
All Technology Education students have the opportunity to be part of TSA. TSA chapters take the study of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) beyond the classroom and give students the chance to pursue academic challenges among friends with similar goals and interests. Together, chapter members work on competitive events to attend conferences at the Northern VA Regional level and have a good time raising funds to get there. Students may join TSA each school year in the Fall. Meeting dates are set as a team to prepare for the regional competitions. Pay attention to school or class announcements by Mr. DeMarino for TSA information. Once you join TSA, you are added to the TSA virtual classroom.
Video Game Club
Sponsor: Mr. Homburg
Video Game Design Club
Sponsors:  Mr. Demarino, Mr. Dolan
Students will work to create their own video games from the ground up!
Yoga Club
Sponsor: Ms. Nichter, Ms. Brown
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