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Sunday, April 23, 2017


  • The Visual Arts students painted the sets for Drama's Charlie and The Chocolate Factory! The play will be this weekend- Saturday at 2pm or 7pm and Sunday at 2pm.

  • We are now on Twitter and Instagram! Check out the beautiful artwork by Swanson Middle School students!

    Twitter @SwansonMSart

    Instagram @swansonarts

  • Sophie Finkelstein won 2nd place in the Martin Luther King Competition 2016!

The Big Draw

  • STARs drawing working on the letters the big draw

    Swanson's Middle School's ART STAR (homeroom) is organizing “The Big Draw” in STAR during the week of October 26th. Each STAR will receive an envelope of alphabet letters for the students to draw, doodle or decorate using any type of drawing materials. The students will draw each day from 7:50-8:10am. At the end of the week, the ART STAR will collect all of the letters. Then, the ART STAR will collage the letters together to create phrases that will be laminated and displayed in Swanson's hallways.

    "The Big Draw" is the World's Biggest Drawing Festival involving twenty-six countries, with 414,000 people attending over 1800 events by 1000+ organizers. The Big Draw 2015 takes place October 1st-31st. The Theme is Every Drawing Tells a Story. Http://isuu.com/thebigdraw/docs/everydrawingtellsastory


The Art STAR finished their first major project:  Swanson's Mission Statement:

Swanson Middle School won 39 awards in the 2015 National Scholastic Art Awards! 
Since 1923, the National Scholastic Art Awards has been the oldest visual art competition in the nation.  All 75 submissions are on display near the auditorium.  The Gold Keys will be on display at the Central Library during the month of March.  The award ceremony will be at Washington Lee High School on March 9th at 6pm.

The following students won a Gold Key: Grace Cheek, Dominick Cocozza, Lillian Di Benigno, Renee Dixon, Mary-Elizabeth Durgavich, Cari Farmer, Clemens Finger, Angela Gormley, Avery Goudie, Henry Hassett, Rachel Heinemann, Aidan Holland, Olivia Juras, Danila Konoplev, Abby Lewis, Calder Lowenthal, Theo Mazarr, Kelly McArdle, Jack McMahon, Mackenzie Nemoto, McCarthy Simmons, Olivia Springberg (3 Gold), Sophie Wheelock.

The following students won a Silver Key:  Tor Bauman, Olivia Juras, Victoria Summitt, Sophie Wheelock

The following students won Honorable Mention:  Dominick Cocozza, Isabel Craige, Lia Kiknadze (2), Zarah King, Jackson Pope, Nathalie Saulnier, Max Streitwieser, Aidan Wrenn-Walz

7th and 8th Grade Art Reception at Swanson Middle School
      Wednesday, December 17th 2014

The Art Department started this year with "How To Draw" using a variety of graphite pencils, erasers and blending stumps.  Here is a small example of what the 7th and 8th Graders produced: 
Middle School Exhibition at the Arlington Education Center
May 1st-June 11th  Opening Reception is Wednesday May 21st 6:30-8:00pm
(First Floor Gallery 1426 N. Quincy Street Arlington VA 22207)
art display  display case
The 7th Grade Visual Art Students created a Rainforest Mural! This Mural will be laminated and used for years to come!
  7th Grade
 The Full Year Art 8th Graders are working on the Operation Rain Barrel- The Rain Barrels will be on display and the community will be invited to VOTE for their favorite design.  The Opening Exhibit and Reception will be Wednesday, April 23rd from 6-8pm at George Mason's Arlington Campus Art Gallery area on the first floor.  The proceeds from the silent auction will be divided equally between the Arlington County Council of the PTA's Scholarship Fund and Mason's Early Identification Program.  Last year, the Rain Barrels raised for $2,000! rainbarrel2
The National Scholastic Art Award is the oldest Visual Arts Competition since 1923. 
Swanson Middle School received thirty one awards for 2014!

The following students won Gold Key:

Kelly Gaudian, Johanna Gonzalez, Angela Gormley, Danila Konoplev, Helene Koumans (2), Skyler Lee, Kerry Meade (2), Jasmine Mondshine, Liam O'Casey, Eva Smith-Perry, Olivia Springberg (2)
The following students won Silver Key:
Frances Freeman, Anna Sophia Nix, Eva Smith-Perry, Abigail Ziegler

The following students won Honorable Mention:
Ryan Bone, Fiona Cronin, Kathleen Dodds, Sebria Kelley, Ulda Maldonado, Katherine Mercado, Kevin Meruvia, Zykia Nibbins, Adam Packard,
Katherine Sanz, Julia Som, Lydia Troup, Sophie Wheelock
The artwork is currently on display in the display cases near the auditorium.  The Silver and Gold Key 2-D artwork will be on display at the Central Library as well as the 3D Gold Key artwork. 
The Award Ceremony will be at Washington Lee High School on Monday, March 10th at 6pm.  Middle School students are announced first, so arrive promptly to receive your certification!  After the ceremony, visit the Central Library to view the entire exhibition.
7th and 8th Grade Art Reception at Swanson Middle School
      Wednesday, January 15th 2014
overview  jasmin 7th Graders reception art his dog
eva maggie kelly art opening art reception
The 7th Graders painted murals for Ellis Island!
5th Mod MOD 5 4th Mod ellis
 8th Graders created historical murals for HILT A and B classes!
jackson, ryan, anna Sebria, Johanna, and Katie
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