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Parent Communication

Parent Communication at H-B Woodlawn

Make sure you have all the latest information about H-B Woodlawn.  This page will give you an overview of how you can receive information, how you can communicate with other parents and staff members and where to look for other information.

Communicating with staff at H-B Woodlawn is easy.  Each staff member's email address is listed on our webpage under “Staff.”   All staff members can be reached by phone by calling the main office, 703-228-6363, and leaving a message.  Your calls, questions, and feedback are welcome.

Consider your child’s Teacher Advisor (TA) as your first line of communication regarding your student.  TAs monitor and track student progress and are student advocates. TAs can help students develop the confidence and skills they need to advocate for themselves and to become responsible, self-directed learners. Call either office for the name of your child’s Teacher Advisor.

APS School Talk

Have you subscribed to APS School Talk?  This is the official communication tool for APS and H-B Woodlawn.  Once you have signed up, you can select the types of information and method (email, text, etc.) you prefer.  This includes emergency closings, school board meetings, official H-B announcements and other information.  Click here to subscribe or update your membership to APS School Talk.

H-B Webpage

The first place to look for information is the H-B website.  The home page lists upcoming announcements and calendar events. 

H-B Woodlawn Parent Listservs

SIGN UP now for the NEW HBW-News Google Group by following the "How To Join" instructions below.

The H-B Woodlawn Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) maintains two email groups. 

HBW News (hbw-news@googlegroups.com) for announcements

HBW Talk (hbw-talk@googlegroups.com) for general discussions 

To be eligible to join the PAC email groups, you must be a member of the HB community, which is defined as HB students and their parents, grandparents, and guardians; HB staff; HB alumni (parents/students/staff); members of the Arlington County School Board; and senior APS staff. Once you are a member of News or Talk, you will not be removed unless you ask to be removed—or unless you violate the guidelines even after reminders from the moderator.

How to Join

To subscribe to the HB-News Google Group send an email message to the moderator, Swati Srivastava, swati2235@yahoo.com with the following information:

Your first and last name

Your connection to the HB community (parent/guardian, staff, student, etc.)

The name(s) and grade(s) of your child(ren) who attend HB (if you are a parent/guardian)

Once the moderator has added you to a group, you will receive an automated welcome message.  Questions or problems?  Please contact our moderator, Swati Srivastava swati2235@yahoo.com

In addition to the PAC listservs, each grade level class has a parent listserv. To join the parent listserv for your child's grade level, click here to provide the information. Information sent to the class listserv is coordinated by parent volunteers and your class liaison is also the class listserv coordinator.  Class liaison/class listserv coordinators are listed on the PAC Officers and Class Liaison page.  

The following class listservs are available:

         -- Current 6th Graders -   Class of 2021 listserv,
         -- Current 7th Graders -   Class of 2020 listserv,
         -- Current 8th Graders -   Class of 2019 listserv,
         -- Current 9th Graders -   Class of 2018 listserv,
         -- Current 10th Graders - Class of 2017 listserv,
         -- Current 11th Graders - Class of 2016 listserv,
         -- Current 12th Graders - Class of 2015 listserv.  

Staff Email

You can send an email directly to your child's TA or teacher.  Names, pictures and email addresses of H-B staff can be found on the "Staff" tab of the website.

H-B Woodlawn Calendar

H-B calendars are hosed on the APS web page.  You can subscribe to the calendar and view it on your computer, phone or other device.  

Don't miss an event - subscribe to the calendar now!

Student Information Center

The Student Information Center allows parents and guardians to access student schedules, attendance information, discipline information and transcripts.



ParentVUE is a brand new online tool to help you monitor your student’s education.  It will allow you to update contact information and provide you with access to the latest information about your student’s attendance and grades.  Middle and high school families will also be able to view student schedules and class assignments with ParentVUE.
Go to the Parent Access Center webpage for more information about these and other communication services provided by APS. 


Every student has an account in Blackboard.  Courses are created for every class, but it is up to each teacher to make these courses available.  Some teachers post announcements, assignments and other information on their Blackboard courses.  You can find out at Back to School Night how your child's teachers use Blackboard.

In order to log into Blackboard, you will need to use your child's login and password.  Their username is their student ID number, and their initial password is their birthday, but they can change the password.  Parent accounts are not currently available. Speak to your child about accessing Blackboard.

In addition to grades and assignments for classes, you and your children can access these services from within Blackboard:

  • Textbooks - many of our textbook publishers have given us access to special sites, activities and resources
  • Atomic Learning - web-based software training and support using short video tutorials
  • Acorn - Search the catalog of Arlington Public Schools libraries
  • World Book, Grolier, Encylopedia Britannica and many other encyclopedias and databases

Blackboard requires a current browser, Firefox 3.0, Internet Explorer 7.0 or Safari 3. 

H-B Woodlawn Office

Main Office - 703-228-6363

Middle School Office - 703-228-6359

Assuring Two-Way Communication

Just a reminder, if you have changed your home address; your home, work, or cell phone number, or your emergency contact in the last year, please let our registrars (Ana 703-228-6354 or Christina 703-228-6359)  know.  They will update our official school records.

If you have any questions about the H-B website, Blackboard or the email groups, please contact Teri Doxsee, Instructional Technology Coordinator at teri.doxsee@apsva.us or 571-969-4821.

Last Modified on October 2, 2014