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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Course Selection for 2016-2017

Course Selection for 2016-2017

Class schedule graphic Program of Studies Preparation

11/17/15-12/18/15 - Application to Town Meeting for new courses or changes to Program of Studies
12/18/15 - Last day for Program of Studies changes
2/10/16 - Program of Studies published

Course Requests for Next Year

Students will meet with their TAs on Thursday, February 11 to update their Educational and Career Planning Form and complete their course request form for 2016-17.  
Students need to get required signatures from parents and teachers. Signed course request forms need to be returned to TAs by Friday, February 19.

Course Request For Next Year

Only a small number of the Program of Studies Handbooks are being printed this year. Go to the Course Selection Documents page to read the Program of Studies for 2016-2017. Electronic copies of the Educational and Career Planning Form, Graduation Requirements, Course Request Forms and other scheduling documents are also available there.
Personalized copies of the Course Request Forms will be given to students during TA on February 11.  Students can also complete these forms in Google Docs or Word.

Course Selection for Rising 6th Graders

Rising 6th graders will receive their Course Request Forms with their acceptance letter in the mail. These forms need to be returned by March 7. Contact the office at 703-228-6363 or ana.herrera@apsva.us if you have any questions.

Planning Your Courses 

Academic Planning - The Department of Counseling has developed a website to assist students and parents in making decisions and planning for next year and the future.  It includes a new Academic Planning Roadmap, current graduation requirements and many other resources. 
Students will meet with their TAs on Thursday, February 11  to update their Educational and Career Planning Form.  This form is on Google.  See instructions on the Course Selection Documents page.

Allocation and Arena Scheduling

3/10/16 - 1:30 pm Departments meet for Allocation Planning
4/28/16 - 1:30 pm - Allocation Committee
5/3/16 Town Meeting Allocation Vote - afternoon (special schedule)
5/9/16 - 6/3/16 - Master Schedule development
6/9/16 - Arena Scheduling (Students select courses and teachers for 2016-17) 
Last Modified on February 8, 2016