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What is the HILT Program?

Happy Student The High Intensity Language Training Program (HILT) instructs students with limited English proficiency from beginning levels through advanced levels until they are ready to enter regular classes.

From beginning to advanced, the four levels of HILT are:

  • HILT A
  • HILT B
  • HILT Extension A (HILTEX A)
  • HILT Extension B (HILTEX B)
What classes do students take?

Students identified as HILT A (beginning) and HILT B (intermediate) study the following material with a trained HILT Teacher:

  • Student presenting English
  • Reading
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Studies

HILT students are mainstreamed for:

  • Mathematics whenever possible
  • Physical Education
  • Electives

Students identified as HILTEX (advanced) study the following material with a trained HILT Teacher:

  • English
  • Reading
  • Social Studies

Students in classHILTEX students are mainstreamed for:

  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Physical Education
  • Electives
How do students pass to the next level?

To pass to the next level of HILT, students must have the following:

  • 70% or higher on the Reading, Grammar and Listening Exit Tests
  • 5+ on a Writing Sample
  • Appropriate DRP Reading score
  • Portfolio review which demonstrates language proficiency for the next level of HILT

Learn English! Good Websites

Many sites that can be used to support ESL learning.


Looking for a homework assignment from a student's teacher?
Please login to BlackBoard Blackboard with the student ID number and password - all classes for each student are listed together and each class has a homework assignment link.

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