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Spanish Immersion

Spanish Partial Immersion

Inmersión Parcial de Español

International Spanish Academy

The Spanish Partial Immersion Program at the middle school level is a continuation of the elementary program offered at Key and Claremont Elementary Schools.

Gators at the outdoor labThe program begins the middle school sequence and is designed to continue the development of Spanish language proficiency. The skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing are taught specifically through the language arts program and through content instruction in social studies and science. Student placement in the program is open to students who show appropriate proficiency in Spanish.

All middle school students who participate in the Spanish Partial Immersion Program follow the same core curriculum as students at each of the Arlington middle schools.

8th Grade Immersion StudentsBus transportation is provided for all students participating in the program who live more than 1.5 miles from Gunston Middle School.

Sixth grade students in the Spanish Partial Immersion program are on the Gators team. Seventh and eighth grade students are integrated with other students in one team at each grade.

Language of Instruction
 Math, English, Elective, and  P.E
Social Studies, Science, and Spanish Language Arts

International Spanish Academy International Spanish Acadamies

Through our participation in Spanish Partial Immersion, Gunston is an International Spanish Academy site.   International Spanish Academies are part of an international cooperative educational project between public schools in the United States, Canada, and the Ministry of Education and Science of Spain.  Goals include:
  • to encourage students to recognize the value of a multicultural education. 
  • to help to foster international relations and understanding between the United States and Spanish-speaking countries. 
  • to support the overall academic success of students, and help students to develop strong oral and writing skills in both English and Spanish. 
  • to facilitate student access to centers of higher education in Spanish-speaking countries. 
Through this partnership, the Embassy of Spain provides a variety of academic and cultural resources for both teachers and students.

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