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Welcome to Gunston!

For more information check out this great Network 21 video about our school
Our Mission: At Gunston Middle School we provide a supportive learning environment, we have high expectations, and we promote wise decision making and life-long learning.

 AmyThe staff at Gunston Middle School is committed to providing educational programs that stimulate academic excellence and intellectual curiosity. It is our expectation that every child who attends Gunston will plan to attend college.

We are prepared to work together with each member of our community - each student, each parent and each staff member - to achieve these goals in an atmosphere that fosters respect and understanding.

Each of us will have an important role to play as we recognize and appreciate one another’s individual contributions to the growth and success of Gunston and our students.

Our school goals are:
  • To ensure rising achievement for all students as measured by Virginia Standards of Learning and other standardized assessments.

  • To eliminate gaps in achievement among identified groups.

  • To build effective relationships with parents and the community.

  • To prepare each student to succeed in a diverse, changing world.

  • To improve school climate and the personal responsibility of students.

Six P's to Success

These six attributes contribute to school success and personal growth. Every quarter, teachers nominate students who exemplify these characteristics as "Distinguished Citizens".

Positive bullet Polite bullet Proud bullet Productive bullet Prompt bullet Prepared

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