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About Curriculum

About the Curriculum
 McKinley Elementary School prides itself on offering a challenging curriculum rich with opportunities for all children. Arlington uses the Virginia state Standards of Learning as the basis for its curriculum. Please refer to the links on the left side of this page to view more specifics about each curriculum division.
When choosing and working with curriculum designated for elementary students, Arlington has a few specific goals:
  • Coordinate and facilitate opportunities for exposure to a wide range of vocations and careers so that they may begin to explore applications of their own interests and talents to the future world of work.
  • Coordinate and facilitate opportunities for middle school students to discover potential career interests and aptitudes.
  • Develop materials and coordinate provision of basic instruction in technical and career skills through the linkage of academic skills with experimental applications.
  • Facilitate the introduction of materials and academic experiences that begin to prepare middle school students for responsible citizenship through instructional methods that promote teamwork; communication skills; the ability to plan, execute and complete a project; and other skills that promote future learning.
  • Coordinate and support the provision of a seamless transition for middle school students to high school through linked curricular sequences, opportunities for participation in service learning and community service, and other career awareness building opportunities that involve both middle and high school students.
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