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CanDo: Online Student Skills Tracking System

  •  (developed by Arlington Public Schools CTE students!)

    The Virginia Department of Education has long required tracking and maintenance of student competency records for all CTE courses. For many years, through the CTE Resource Center, the state has offered Word and Excel templates for this purpose. Now, Virginia educators have another choice: the CanDo Competency-Tracking System.

    CanDo is a web-based application developed for teachers by Arlington County—in association with SchoolTool. Using Virginia’s state-approved task/competency lists, educators can track students’ progress electronically. Administrators have access to real-time scores and reports that satisfy state and federal requirements.

    CanDo is built on open source software and can be set up and implemented in any school division, regardless of size. At the direction of the Virginia Department of Education, the CTE Resource Center is available to provide Virginia public school divisions the necessary technical support and training for implementing the CanDo system.


    CanDo Resources 2015  

    Jim.Egenrieder@apsva.us or @gmail.com   



    Getting to CanDo


    Directly:  http://www.apsva.us/Cando/Login




    By navigation:   www.apsva.us/STEM ~> CanDo




    Logon:  guest1, 2, 3 through guest20

    Pswd:   teacher

    Teachers:  What to do after school begins


    1. Login
    2. Click on the CanDo tab
    3. Check the school year (change to 2015-2016)
    4. Choose the Section
    5. Choose the Skills (Competencies) group
    6. Enter scores as your students perform course tasks
    7. Choose among available reports

    More Teacher Resources:



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