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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Language Services Registration Center


1. My daughter attends high school in another country. Will she be able to attend high school in Arlington Public Schools?
Yes. She will be able to attend high school if you follow the registration procedures.
2. My daughter is 19. Can she attend high school?
There is a High School Continuation Program specially designed for students 18-22. In addition, APS offers Adult Education programs for students over 22 years of age.
3. When can young children enter school?
School admission is 5 years of age by September 30. However, programs for 3-4 year old children are offered in Arlington.
4. What documents are needed to prove that I live in Arlington?
These are the only acceptable documents proving Arlington residency:
1. Deed or Mortgage Agreement
2. Current Rental Lease signed by landlord and tenant
3. Forms A and B (If the student and family are sharing a property with an Arlington resident) 
5. What are the medical requirements for school admission?
Children in grades Pre - K to 5 will need to have a physical examination and have their vaccination record up to date, including a recent TB screening. Middle and high school students do not need a physical examination, but need to have current vaccinations.
6. I have a niece who wants to come to America to learn English. Can she enroll in the Arlington Public Schools?
No. If the only reason to come to America is to go to school, a person needs a student visa.
7. How long will it take to register my children at the LSRC?
Your personal interview and processing of documents may take up to one hour per child. In addition, your child will be individually evaluated by a teacher, and the teacher cannot rush your child through the assessment. Some children like to work faster than others, and we ask that you allow your child to work at his or her own pace.Go to top.
8. My children already speak English. Why do they need to go to the LSRC?
The Intake Center will assess your child’s academic English and math proficiency. The evaluation helps the Intake Center to make recommendations regarding school and program placement. The evaluation is also used to track the child's progress in school. Back to index. Go to top.
9. Are there any fees to register children in school?
No. Arlington, Virginia, and federal taxpayers pay all the educational expenses of your child. Your local school may ask you to pay for lunch, field trips, or enrollment in the Parent Teacher Association (PTA). High school students may need to pay for sports uniforms. Certain families may qualify for free or reduced price lunch or breakfast. Go to top.
10. Are we required to disclose our immigration status to register our children?
No. APS doesn’t check immigration status. Go to top.
11. We are undocumented immigrants. Will our children be eligible to APS?
Yes. All children who satisfy registration requirements will be eligible to APS regardless of their immigration status. Go to top.
12. My sister brother/sister lives with my family and he/she wants to study in public schools. What documents will he/she need?
Parents or legal guardians of APS students must reside in Arlington. In this case, we will ask you provide us parents’ guardianship power of attorney and court decision that verifies your guardianship right. Please contact the LSRC and explain your situation before asking for an appointment. Go to top.
Last Modified on February 7, 2014