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Language Services Registration Center


We would like to help you to register your child in one of Arlington's outstanding schools. To learn if you need to register your child at the Language Services Registration Center (LSRC) or at your local school, please check the table below. However, if you are in doubt please contact us at 703-228-7663. In all other cases, register at your neighborhood school or at the school where your child has been admitted.
 You can register your child directly at your neighborhood school if. . .
  •  The family and the child actually live in Arlington County, Virginia
  • The child does not speak any other language than English
  • At home no language is spoken other than English
  • The child never attended an ESL/bilingual program
  • The child never attended  school outside the U.S.
You will need to make an appointment for registration at the   LSRC if. . .
  • The family and the child actually live in Arlington County, Virginia
  • The child speaks a language other than  English
  • At home the family speaks languages other than English
  • The child attended an ESL/bilingual program
  • The child attended school outside the U.S.
  If you believe your child needs to register at the LSRC, or if you’ve answered “Yes” to at least one item in the second column above, call 703-228-7663 to make an appointment. Our office is open all year, January through December,Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

(Click here for detailed information about age and health requirements.)
Documentation Needed to Register Your Child:
  • Proof of the child's age and legal name, such as the birth certificate or other valid proof of birth date
  • Proof that the parent or legal guardian of the student lives in Arlington County, such as a copy of a current Lease signed by lessor and lessee or tenant and landlord to show that the parent/guardian resides in Arlington County; or a copy of a mortgage agreement showing that the parent/guardian owns a home and resides in Arlington County
  • Social Security Number or a Social Security Status Form
  • Official school records from another school system or country, if applicable and available
  • Medical information that includes immunization records as well as a physical examination and a tuberculosis screening done within the 12 months prior to starting school (See Health Requirements below.) Go to Top.
How long will it take?
How much time you and your child will spend at the LSRC in order to complete registration and testing will vary according to the number of children in the family, the student’s grade level, and how much time a student takes to complete testing. (Tests are not timed, so a student may take all the time he or she needs to complete the tests.) It will also save time if you bring all the required documents at the time of your appointment.
In order to be fair to all parents and children, if you arrive late for your appointment, you may miss your turn and have to wait or to reschedule your appointment. However, we will make every effort to accommodate you and interview you as soon as possible, but we cannot guarantee that you may not be delayed.
In most instances, the duration of the interview of the parent with the Resource Assistant takes about one hour. Student testing will last between one and three hours or more, depending on the student’s age and effort. Older students usually take more tests than younger ones. Some students like to take more time to do good work, and we ask you to allow your child to work at his own pace. You will need to stay at the LSRC until your child is finished. Therefore, you may wish to bring a food snack with you. Go to Top.
At the LSRC, a teacher or assistant will evaluate the academic level of your child, as well as his or her knowledge of English. The test always consists of math, writing, reading, listening in English, and writing in native language. There is no failing or passing score for these tests. Results are used to determine if the student is in need of participating in the English program for students who speak other languages, and as one of other criteria used for determining the student's grade level. The purpose of the English program for students who speak other languages is to provide the support that the child will need to succeed in school. Go to Top.
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