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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Career, Technical and Adult Education



Office of Career, Technical and Adult Education (CTAE)

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Philosophy and Mission

The philosophy of Career, Technical and Adult Education (CTAE) is to link education and career skills for the creation of lifelong learning opportunities.  We serve the career and technical education needs of students of all ages residing in Arlington.
The CTAE office coordinates and provides educational services along a continuum that begins with awareness building,  provides ongoing opportunities to voice its needs, and provides access to educational programs that empower students to acquire the knowledge, attitudes and skills necessary to manage change and succeed in a diverse technological society. 
We emphasize awareness building for elementary and middle school students and basic and advanced skills instruction for high school students and adults.  Instructional opportunities are available to Arlington residents of all ages and educational backgrounds. 

Goals for Service to Elementary and Middle School Students

  • Coordinate and facilitate opportunities for exposure to a wide range of vocations and careers so that they may begin to explore applications of their own interests and talents to the future world of work.
  • Coordinate and facilitate opportunities for middle school students to discover potential career interests and aptitudes.
  • Develop materials and coordinate provision of basic instruction in technical and career skills through the linkage of academic skills with experimental applications.
  • Facilitate the introduction of materials and academic experiences that begin to prepare middle school students for responsible citizenship through instructional methods that promote teamwork; communication skills; the ability to plan, execute and complete a project; and other skills that promote future learning.
  • Coordinate and support the provision of a seamless transition for middle school students to high school through linked curricular sequences, opportunities for participation in service learning and community service, and other career awareness building opportunities that involve both middle and high school students.

Goals for Service to High School Students

  • Coordinate and support instructional and experimental opportunities for specific career exploration and application for all high school students.
  • Coordinate career decision-making services to assist students in discovering career interests and talents and in selection of secondary and post-secondary educational options.
  • Coordinate and facilitate the provision of curricular pathways to career choices.
  • Coordinate and facilitate the provision of instructional training in employability skills and provide opportunities for high school students to experience employment through cooperative education programs, internships and other school-to-work programs.
  • Build linkages with local higher education institutions and with local employers to assure the most seamless transition possible to post-secondary education and to the world of work.

Goals for Service to Adults

  • Publicize information about the Department's educational opportunities using media that are available to all adults in the county.
  • Provide strategies for the adult community to voice its needs and for the Department to regularly assess adult needs for personal and professional programs.
  • Provide regular opportunities for adults to explore personal and professional interests and talents through seminars, workshops and short courses.
  • Provide regular programs to address adults' acquisition of English and/or basic skills required for their roles as workers, parents and community leaders.
  • Provide ongoing programs for adults to obtain and enhance academic and technical credentials.
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