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APS English Language Learners (ELL) come from diverse linguistic, educational and cultural backgrounds.

APS population

19% of APS students are ELL and receive ESOL/HILT services.

25% of elementary students and 12% of secondary students are ELL (2014-15 data)


Country of origin

ELL students come from 114 countries, from every continent except Antarctica.

63% of ELLs are born in the US:  79% of elementary; 22% of secondary students.

The largest percentage of ELL students come from El Salvador 8%, Guatemala 4%, Ethiopia 3%, Bolivia 2%, Honduras 2%. (2014-15 data)


First languages

99 different home languages are represented by current ELLs

66% speak Spanish, 6% Arabic, 6% speak Amharic, 3% Mongolian, 3% Bengali

Survey of Limited English Proficient Students 2015-16
English language proficiency levels

Students receiving ESOL/HILT services have varying levels of English proficiency.

About one-fourth of the students are at WIDA level 1 entering, about three-fourths of the ESOL/HILT/HILTEX students are at WIDA levels 2 to 5 (beginning, developing, expanding and bridging). (2010-11 data)

WIDA Performance Definitions page

Identification of students as LEP

New students who meet the following criteria are assessed at the Language Services and Registration Center (Intake Center):

  • the family and child actually live in Arlington County
  • the child speaks a language other than English
  • at home the family speaks a language other than English
  • the child attended an ESL/bilingual program
  • the child attended school outside the U.S.

Bilingual Assistants interview entering students and their parents or legal guardians to obtain educational and socio-cultural information.  Each new student has an educational assessment to determine his/her level of English proficiency and mathematical development.  The results of all assessments are reviewed and compared to grade level program criteria to determine the student’s program and grade placement.  Tests and test results are sent to the student’s school.  According to federal law the parent or guardian must sign a letter of permission for the student to receive ESOL/HILT/HILTEX services.


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