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Monday, May 01, 2017

Seniors 2016

Graduation 2016

Dear Class of 2016 and Parent(s)/Guardian(s),

As your class administrator, and on behalf of the administrative team, congratulations on nearing the end of your high school career! You are approaching the culmination of your hard work and the very last memorable events of high school. Preparing for senior experience and looking forward to prom and graduation will make the next few months fly by. 

Keep track of these events by referring to the calendar we are attaching. This calendar and other information about senior events can also be found on the W-L webpage at http://www.apsva.us/Page/17946. We hope to see you at all of the activities that have been prepared for you. 

We have all enjoyed working with you and feel proud of your accomplishments. You will always be remembered for your many academic successes and strong involvement in the Washington-Lee program.
Mrs. Claire Peters
Assistant Principal, Class of 2016
Important information about the graduation ceremony is below. The W-L administration and the graduation committee ask that graduates and their families read this information carefully and work with us to make sure the ceremony is a fitting tribute to the achievements of the graduates. This important milestone will be honored in a dignified ceremony at the beautiful DAR Constitution Hall on Thursday, June 23rd.
MANDATORY GRADUATION PRACTICE: June 14th at 9:45 AM in the Gym.

There are a limited number of seats available for graduates on W-L buses.Students wishing to ride the bus to graduation must reserve a space in advance in the Administrative Office, room 1019, by June 14th and arrive at the front entrance of W-L by 8:15 am on graduation day. See the End of Year Calendar (Calendario de Fin de Año) for more information.

Plan your trip via METROPLEASE REMEMBER PARKING WILL BE LIMITED NEAR CONSTITUTION HALL! Consider taking Metro and allow plenty of time to find a parking space if you choose to drive. See top of page for link to directions.

  • Students riding the bus from W-L to Constitution Hall should be at the SIDE entrance, Door 5,  on Stafford St. by 8:15 am. BUSES WILL NOT WAIT.
  • ALL graduates must be at Constitution Hall by 9:15 or risk not being able to march in with their classmates.
  • Doors for Friends and Family open at 9:00 am. Plan to arrive no later than 9:45. 
  • Due to restrictions put in place by Constitution Hall, no one may enter the Hall between 9:50 and 10:05.
  • Graduates should enter at the “D” Street Entrance and everyone else must enter on 18th Street
  • Persons with disabilities or unable to navigate stairs should also enter at the“D” Street entrance with no more than one companion.

Each graduate will be issued 5 tickets to the ceremony. Tickets can be picked up in the Administrative Office, room 1019, during all lunches from June 6-10. Anyone who needs more than 5 tickets can put his or her name on a list with Ms. Cutrona in room 1019 by June 8th. A lottery process will be used to accommodate any additional ticket requests. Seniors who need fewer than 5 tickets should leave their extras in the office for redistribution or share with classmates. Extra tickets maybe picked up on June 14th.


  • Male graduates must wear a blue or white shirt with a collar and a tie. Males should also wear dark-colored dress pants (no jeans) and dark shoes.
  • Female graduates should wear a dress or dark-colored dress pants. Skirts should either be short enough not to be seen under the gown or of a solid, dark color.
  • Athletic shoes and flip-flops are not allowed.
  • No alteration to the gown or the hat is allowed.
  • Improper attire could prevent a graduate from participating in the ceremony!


  • Constitution Hall rules strictly prohibit ANYONE from bringing large bags, noisemakers or balloons into the facility.
  • All guests will have to go through a security check, so the fewer items you bring the quicker it will go.
  • Once graduates enter the building they will not have access to friends and family. Please make sure all tickets are previously distributed!
  • Graduates should bring nothing with them into the hall. There will be no place to store valuables during the ceremony and they will not have a chance to drop them with friends or family.
  • Persons with disabilities will be able to sit in a special section with one companion. They must use the “D” Street entrance. There will be ushers to assist with this. Please see Mrs. Peters or Mrs. Cutrona by June 10th to reserve this seating.
Last Modified on February 26, 2016